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March 7, 2024

Navigating the Homebuying Journey in Comox Valley: Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Buying your first home is an exciting venture, and the Comox Valley offers so much for this significant life milestone. However, in the thrill of homeownership, it's crucial to tread carefully and avoid common mistakes. To help you navigate this journey seamlessly, here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid when buying your first home in the beautiful Comox Valley.

 1. Neglecting Financial Preparedness


Before embarking on your homebuying journey, ensure your finances are in order. Many first-time buyers make the mistake of underestimating the costs associated with purchasing a home, including down payments, closing costs, and ongoing homeownership expenses.


 2. Skipping Mortgage Pre-Approval


Don't house hunt without a mortgage pre-approval. Knowing how much you can afford will streamline your search and give you a competitive edge when making an offer in the Comox Valley's competitive real estate market.


 3. Overlooking Hidden Costs


Beyond the purchase price, consider additional costs like property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and potential homeowner association fees. Failing to budget for these expenses can lead to financial strain down the road.


 5. Falling in Love with the First Home


While it's tempting to jump at the first home that captures your heart, take the time to explore different options. Comox Valley offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm. Consider your long-term needs and explore multiple properties before making a decision.


6. Foregoing Home Inspections


Never underestimate the importance of a thorough home inspection. Skipping this step can lead to unexpected and costly repairs. Work with a qualified inspector to uncover any potential issues before finalizing your purchase.


 7. Not Researching the Neighborhood


Comox Valley boasts diverse neighborhoods, each with its own character. Research the amenities, schools, safety, and future development plans to ensure the neighborhood aligns with your lifestyle and long-term goals.


8. Neglecting Future Resale Value


Think ahead when purchasing your first home. Consider the potential resale value of the property and its location. An investment in a thriving area can yield substantial returns in the future.


 9. Failing to Secure Professional Representation


A real estate transaction involves intricate details and legalities. Avoid DIY mistakes by securing the services of a reputable real estate agent in Comox Valley. Their expertise will guide you through the process and safeguard your interests.


Buying your first home in the Comox Valley is a rewarding experience, provided you navigate the process wisely. Avoiding these common mistakes will set you on the path to homeownership success, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty and charm that Vancouver Island has to offer. Happy house hunting!

March 5, 2024

Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Realtor About the House You're Buying

Buying a house is a monumental decision, and your realtor plays a crucial role in guiding you through the process. To ensure that the property you're eyeing aligns with your needs and preferences, it's essential to ask your realtor specific questions about the house itself. Here are the top seven questions to consider:


1. What is the House's History and Age?

   Gain insights into the house's history and age. Ask your realtor about any major renovations or repairs that have been done and whether there are upcoming projects planned. Understanding the property's past can provide valuable information about its condition.


2. Are There Any Potential Issues with the House?

   Inquire about potential issues or concerns with the house. This could include information about the foundation, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems. Understanding the condition of these critical components is essential for budgeting and planning future maintenance.


3. What Features and Upgrades Does the House Have?

   Get a comprehensive list of the features and upgrades the house offers. This may include energy-efficient appliances, smart home technology, or recent renovations. Knowing what the house has to offer can help you assess its value and determine if it meets your lifestyle needs.


4. How is the Neighborhood and Community?

   While this question pertains to the surrounding area, your realtor can provide valuable insights. Ask about the neighborhood's amenities, local schools, safety, and community vibe. Understanding the overall environment will help you make an informed decision about whether the house is the right fit for you.


5. Are There Any Zoning Restrictions or Future Developments Planned?

   It's important to know about any zoning restrictions or future developments in the area. Your realtor can provide information on potential changes that may impact the property's value or your quality of life in the future.


6. What's the Resale Value of the House?

   While you may be focused on buying, it's wise to consider the resale value. Ask your realtor about the current market trends and the potential resale value of the house. This information can guide your long-term investment strategy.


By delving into these specific questions about the house itself, you'll be equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision and ensure that your new home meets your expectations and requirements.

Dec. 8, 2023

Deck the Halls - Preparing Your Comox Valley Home for the Winter Market

The holiday season is upon us, and while many are busy hanging festive decorations and sipping on hot cocoa, savvy homeowners in the Comox Valley are seizing the opportunity to prepare their homes for the winter real estate market. As the snow blankets the picturesque landscapes, there's no better time to showcase the warmth and charm of your property. In this guide, we'll explore the essential steps to ensure your home stands out during this winter market season.

1. Curb Appeal that Sparkles:

First impressions matter, and during the winter market, the exterior of your home takes center stage. Spruce up your curb appeal by adding subtle holiday touches like wreaths, garlands, and outdoor lighting. Clear walkways and driveways of snow and ice to make your home easily accessible and welcoming to potential buyers.

2. Cozy Interiors:

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside your home by incorporating cozy winter decor. Consider adding plush throws, festive pillows, and seasonal centerpieces to enhance the ambiance. Highlight the fireplace and use soft, ambient lighting to showcase the comfort your home offers during the colder months.

3. Holiday-Themed Staging:

Embrace the holiday spirit with tasteful, neutral decorations that complement your home's style. Avoid overcrowding spaces with too many decorations; instead, focus on elegant touches that enhance the overall appeal. Showcase your property's unique features while maintaining a festive and inviting atmosphere.

4. Showcase Winter Amenities:

Take advantage of the winter season by showcasing any amenities your home offers for cold-weather enjoyment. If you have a fireplace, spa, or well-insulated sunroom, highlight these features to demonstrate the year-round appeal of your property.

5. Highlight Local Winter Activities:

Incorporate the charm of the Comox Valley's winter activities into your strategy. Embark on an Alpine Adventure, Winter Trails Beckon, Festive Lights and Community Delights and more!

In the Comox Valley, winter isn't just a season; it's an invitation to embrace a tapestry of activities that celebrate the beauty of the colder months. Whether you're carving through the snow on Mount Washington, exploring winter trails, or immersing yourself in the festive charm of the community, the Comox Valley offers an array of experiences


Dec. 6, 2023

Unlock the Magic: Holiday Hosting Hacks for Your Real Estate Wonderland

The holiday season is upon us, and there's no better way to embrace the joy than by turning your home into a real estate wonderland. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a grand soirée, these holiday hosting hacks will elevate your space and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

1. Festive Frontage: First impressions matter, especially during the holidays. Spruce up your curb appeal with twinkling lights, a welcoming wreath, and a doormat that spreads festive cheer. Potential buyers will be enchanted by the inviting atmosphere as they approach your property.

2. Cozy Corners: Create cozy nooks in your home by strategically placing soft throws and plush cushions. Embrace warm, neutral tones to make spaces feel inviting and comfortable. These thoughtful touches not only enhance your holiday decor but also showcase the potential for cozy living.

3. Culinary Magic: The heart of holiday gatherings is often the kitchen. Ensure yours is ready for the festivities with well-organized spaces, charming serving platters, and a touch of holiday aroma – think cinnamon and pine. A well-staged kitchen speaks volumes to potential buyers about the possibilities for entertaining in their new home.

4. Twinkling Transformation: Strategically placed holiday lights can transform any space. Highlight architectural features or create a magical ambiance in the backyard. Potential buyers will be able to envision hosting their own celebrations in these enchanting surroundings.

5. Tablescaping Brilliance: Set a dazzling holiday table that showcases the potential for entertaining. Elegant dinnerware, seasonal centerpieces, and tasteful decorations create an atmosphere that's both festive and sophisticated. Buyers will be able to envision their own holiday celebrations in the space.

Dec. 4, 2023

#Unwrap the Magic: Transform Your Comox Valley Home into a Christmas Haven! ?????

Congratulations on your new home in the enchanting Comox Valley! As you settle into your sanctuary, there's no better time to infuse the spirit of the season into every nook and cranny. Follow our guide to turn your house into a holiday home that captures the magic of Christmas. 🏡✨

## 1. Festive Focal Points:
Deck your halls with statement pieces that capture the eye and warm the heart. Consider a beautifully adorned tree or a dazzling mantel as the centerpiece of your holiday decor. In the Comox Valley, let the natural beauty outside inspire your indoor festivities.

## 2. Warm & Cozy Corners:
Create intimate nooks within your home with plush blankets, soft pillows, and warm lighting. These spaces are perfect for sipping cocoa, sharing stories by the fire, and enjoying the picturesque views that the Comox Valley offers during the winter season.

## 3. Charming Entryway:
Welcome guests with a festive entrance that reflects the charm of the Comox Valley. Adorn your front door with wreaths, twinkling lights, and a touch of holiday greenery to set the mood right from the moment they step inside.

## 4. Dining Delights:
Set a table that dazzles and celebrates the joy of the season. Elegant tablescapes with holiday-themed dishes and centerpieces make every meal a special occasion. Incorporate elements from the local artisan scene to add a unique touch to your dining experience.

## 5. Dreamy Bedrooms:
Make bedtime magical with cozy bedding, festive pillows, and soft lighting. In the Comox Valley, where nature intertwines with daily life, bring the outdoors inside by incorporating natural elements into your bedroom decor for an extra touch of holiday charm.

Ready to make this Christmas unforgettable in your new Comox Valley home? 🎅🏼🏡 Contact us for a personalized tour, and let the holiday cheer begin! 📲🔑

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Nov. 8, 2023

Coastal Black Pumpkin Patch Client appreciation 2023

To all of our amazing clients and friends of Bryce Hansen Team!

We hope this blog post finds you well and brings back sweet memories of our 2023 Pumpkin Patch Client Appreciation Event. As the colorful leaves fall and the air gets crisper, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who joined us for a fantastic day of family fun, laughter, and pumpkin picking!

Please check out all of these beautifully captured memories from our spooky Friday, October the 13th, 2023 Bryce Hansen Team's Pumpkin Patch Client Appreciation Event:

Celebrating Together

Our annual Pumpkin Patch event is our way of saying a huge THANK YOU to our clients, friends, and their families for entrusting us with their real estate needs and being an essential part of our journey. We believe in building not just business relationships but genuine connections, and what better way to celebrate those connections than by enjoying quality time together at a pumpkin patch?

Family Fun Galore

From the moment you walked through the pumpkin-lined entrance, the joy and laughter were contagious. The kids, both young and young-at-heart, had a blast with all the fun activities, games, and the exciting hunt for your pumpkin. The sight of everyone scouring the pumpkin patch for the perfect gourd was a picture of pure happiness.

Delicious Treats

Of course, what's a Pumpkin Patch event without delicious treats? From hot chocolate and treats to warm baked goods. There's something about sipping a warm drink while admiring the beautiful fall landscape that warms the soul.

Gratitude and Community

It's not just the pumpkin patch that makes this event special. It's the wonderful people who make it all worth it. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible community of clients and friends who continue to support us year after year. We wouldn't be where we are without your trust and confidence in us.

Looking Forward

As we wrap up another memorable Pumpkin Patch event, we're filled with gratitude and eager anticipation for what's to come. We'll keep working hard to serve your real estate needs and provide the best service we can. We look forward to many more wonderful moments together in the years ahead.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for being part of the Bryce Hansen Team family. We can't wait to see you again soon and create more cherished memories together.

From all of us,

The Bryce Hansen Team

Sept. 20, 2023

Do's and Don'ts for first-time home buyers



1. Do establish a realistic budget: Determine how much you can afford by considering your income, expenses, and financial goals. This will guide your home search and help you avoid overextending yourself.

2. Do research loan options: Look into various mortgage options, such as fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgages, and compare interest rates and terms to find the best fit for your financial situation.

3. Do get pre-approved for a mortgage: This will give you a clear understanding of what you can afford and strengthen your offer when you find a home you like.

4. Do consider additional expenses: Keep in mind that homeownership comes with additional costs beyond the mortgage, such as property taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and utilities. Factor these into your budget.

5. Do prioritize your needs: Clearly define your must-haves and preferences in a home. Consider factors like location, size, number of bedrooms, amenities, and proximity to schools or transportation.

6. Do work with a real estate agent: Enlist the help of a reputable real estate agent who specializes in the local market. They can guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide valuable insights.





1. Don't rush the process: Take your time and thoroughly research your options. Buying a home is a significant financial decision, so engage in due diligence and carefully weigh your choices.

2. Don't make large purchases or open new credit accounts: Avoid taking on additional debt or changing your financial situation while in the home-buying process. This can affect your credit score and mortgage eligibility.

3. Don't skip home inspections: Always have a professional inspection done to identify any potential issues with the property. This will help you make an informed decision and negotiate repairs or adjustments if required.

4. Don't overlook hidden costs: Apart from the home price, factor in closing costs, moving expenses, and any immediate repairs or renovations that the property may need.

5. Don't neglect the neighborhood: Research and visit the neighborhoods you are interested in to gain a sense of their amenities, safety, and overall vibe. Consider factors like proximity to schools, grocery stores, parks, and your workplace.

6. Don't forget about future plans: Think about your long-term goals, such as potential resale value, investment potential, or the possibility of expanding your family. This will help ensure that the home you choose aligns with your future needs.


Remember, buying a home is a significant milestone. Being well-prepared, informed, and patient will help make the process smoother and increasing the likelihood of finding the right home for you.

Aug. 23, 2023

Crown Isle Golf and Resort

Hello everyone. Today we are highlighting the prestigious, award-winning golf course and community known as crown isle, a place where you can live, stay, dine and play. I’m standing here at the entrance to the Crown Isle resort where you’ll find lavish accommodations, the timber room, bar and grill, a golf shop and an impressive 18-hole course. 


While golfing this par 72 course you’ll be surrounded by lakes, views of the Beaufort mountain range and the Comox glacier. At crown isle you’ll also find a driving range with chipping & putting greens, and practice bunkers.


Whether you’re looking for a single-family, detached home, the ease of the condo lifestyle, or a gated patio home complex crown isle truly has it all. Price ranges in this community vary depending on what you’re after but you can expect condos to start around $600K and detached homes up to and around the $2m mark with a bit of everything in between.


Crown isle is centrally located between East Courtenay and comox. It is a short, few minute, drive from the hospital, North Island College, the airport, grossers, recreation, and all other amenities.  


If crown isle sounds like the right fit for you and your lifestyle, give us a call today. We’d love to chat more in depth about all that it has to offer and answer any questions you may have. Thank you so much for tuning in and be sure to , give us a follow for other upcoming neighborhood tours around in Comox Valley.


Head On over to our YouTube channel to watch todays video!


July 5, 2023

Preparing Your Home For An Open House

When preparing your home for an open house, it is important to consider the details that will make a lasting impression. Take some time to inspect each room and ensure that they are clean, well-organized, and free of clutter. Additionally, try to create a warm, inviting atmosphere by placing attractive furniture and decor throughout the space.


You can also make small updates and repairs to improve the home's value. For example, consider painting walls in a neutral color, replacing outdated fixtures, or fixing any minor damages. Before your open house, take some time to stage each room by arranging furniture and other items in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Lastly, make sure that you highlight any unique features of the property. Whether it’s a large backyard or an impressive view, be sure to showcase these assets throughout the tour. Doing so will give potential buyers a better understanding of what your home has to offer and may help you attract more offers. With the right preparation, you can ensure that your open house is as successful as possible.


By following these tips, you can confidently prepare your home for an open house and maximize its appeal to potential buyers. With proper planning, you can create a captivating atmosphere that will help sell your property in no time!



Good luck with the sale of your home!

June 12, 2023

5 Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Market

If you’re planning on selling your home in the Comox Valley area, there are several steps you can take to get it ready for the market. These 5 tips will help make sure your home is presented at its best and give potential buyers a great first impression.


1. Declutter - Start packing up those excess items around your house that add to the ‘cluttered’ look. This will open up space and give potential buyers a better sense of how they could use each room.


2. Clean - A clean home makes such a difference in how people view it! Spend time deep cleaning, including baseboards, carpets, windows and countertops.


3. Curb Appeal - The exterior of your home is the first impression for potential buyers. Consider giving it a facelift with fresh paint, and adding a few potted plants to liven it up.


4. Depersonalize - Get rid of personal items such as photos, artwork and other knick-knacks in order to make it easier for viewers to imagine their own belongings in the space.


5. Consider an inspection - Have a professional inspector check for any issues that need to be addressed, such as electrical or plumbing problems. It’s also a great way to provide potential buyers with additional peace of mind.


By following these easy tips, your home will shine on the market and attract more potential buyers! When you’re ready to sell your home in the Comox Valley, reach out to a local real estate agent who can help guide you through the process. Good luck!