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July 22, 2021

13 Backyard Additions to Make This Summer for The Ultimate Outdoor Summer

Looking for some quick and easy ways to transform your backyard into an ultimate summer paradise? Well look no further! Here are some easy, fun and great ideas to add value to your yard and make for the perfect summer hangout spot!  


  1. Build, Have Built, or Buy a Pergola

    Especially with the heat we have been having, look into a pergola! This can set you up with some much needed shade to allow for outside time to be comfortable instead if feeling like you are melting.
    Jazz up your pergola with an outdoor dining set, or maybe some chairs and couches, or heck, even a hammock will be great! Go as fancy as you want by adding outdoor rugs, curtains, planter boxes to make your pergola feel like a tropical escape!
    Need a cheaper alternative? Look into Gian patio umbrellas! These can look both elegant and be functional in an outdoor seating space!

  2. Outdoor Lighting

    Seems simple right? But some cool string lights, or tiki torches (when there is no fire bans), or even some cool spot lights, can drastically change the vibe of your yard! There are many types of outdoor lights for many different price points. Check out Pinterest for some great backyard lighting ideas and work within your budget! 

  3. Seasonal Landscaping

    Make sure when landscaping, you choose plants for all four seasons. This will greatly improve your curb appeal and also your mood!
    Choose flowing plants for spring and summer, some lovely changing ones for fall, and something that stays green all winter!
    Include it in all landscaping areas.

  4. Build, Have Built, or Buy a Fire Pit

    Home fire pits are always great. They are an easy addition to your yard and add so much fun to one place. They add an awesome appeal and just give the yard that home feel. However, make sure you check your local fire laws before building one. You may need to select a propane fire pit over a real fire pit. Also always remember to check for fire bans before burning propane fires or real fires. They can cost you more then they are worth!
  5. Gussy Up Your Garden

    Let’s be real, we all love a home garden. That proud moment when someone is like “wow this is so fresh and delicious” and you flip your hair and say “why thanks, I grew it in my garden”, wink, wink. But the one thing about gardens, is they look bad in the yard. Full honesty! So find a way to gussy up your garden! Whether it’s layered planter boxes, or a vertical wall garden, or a tiny green house in the far back corner of the yard and you disguise it with some shrubs and bigger bushes, etc. Look for some easy and awesome Pinterest ideas. But for the love of your yard and your re-sale value, gussy up that garden!

  6. Make Your Own “Drive-In” Movie!

    Whether it’s the side of your house, or side of the fence with a little projector, you can create such a fun space (we have done this with the kids during fire bans as a fun alternative). Either create a space in your yard or make it up as you go! But all it takes is a projector, a bed sheet, an extension chord, comfy stuff to sit on, and move snacks of course! And viola!

  7. Set Up a Hammock

    A hammock can be an easy and cheap way to really enjoy your yard! Find a comfy spot, maybe some half sun half shade and cuddle up with a good book!

  8. Build, Have Built, or Buy a Shed

    A shed is a great way to hide all the unsightly yard things like cushions storage, gardening tools, lawn mowers, etc. And you can really make a nice looking shed that adds value and compliments your yard depending on how much you want to spend. You can also buy some really nice (Ikea like ready to set up), sets at the end of season. Always make sure the shed is out of the way and not the centrepiece of the yard.

  9. Deck Out

    Again, depending on budget, build, or have a deck built! It can be an aging addition to your yard and extremely functional. Building a deck is not hard if you have the time and are feeling ambitious. There are plenty of build plans online or you can even have a custom build plan done for cheap!

  10. New Pillows!

    For a functional outdoor set you already have and it is just, well, not  “doing it” for you, try just changing out or reupholstering the cushions! It can make the whole set look like new and add a whole new vibe to the back yard without having to buy a whole new set!
    Get some matching outdoor decor, maybe a new outdoor rug, and the space will look like a million bucks! 

  11. Pave the Pathways!

    Seems simple right? Whether its some simple stones, or a stamped concrete, etc, it will look great and add all kinds of value to your yard. And best of all…. Drum roll please… less grass to cut!
    Seriously though, adding pathways adds dimension and dynamic to your yard while serving a functional purpose.

  12. Plant Fruit Trees

    Yes fruit trees! Why not right? These trees normally flower and look beautiful and they can feed the family. Make sure they stay well pruned and groomed and look their best and are not the centre of attention in your yard. Keep them off to the side in the garden with the rest of the landscape.

  13. Game Zone

    Make a fun game zone with horse shoes, corn hole, giant jenga etc. You can set up a little enclosed game space with some adirondack chairs and string lights for the ultimate fun backyard!


Summer is not over yet! And with end of season blowout sales it makes it the perfect time to upgrade the backyard. 


Happy backyard reno'ing! 

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July 12, 2021

How to Pick Your Perfect Real Estate Agent!



When buying or selling a home it is crucial that you pick an agent that is right for you! You are going to be dealing with this person up close and personal for a couple weeks to a couple months and entrusting them with likely - your greatest financial asset. 


Here are a couple tips to consider to help you pick your best Real Estate Agent! 


  1. Time & Skin in The Game

    Questions such as how long have you been a Real Estate Agent? Why did you pick to become a Real Estate Agent? How do you like being a Real Estate Agent? What is the best and worst thing about your job?
    Questions like these give you information on who your Real Estate agent really is and what their attitude and values are like. I’m sure to some natural conversation will come up in between and you will truly start to see if they are the right fit for you and vice versa.
    To see how serious they are about Real Estate check out their social media, website, and Google them. Does it look like they handle their social media and website themselves? Or does it look professional and like they have put some money behind it? When you Google them, are they on the first page or a top search result? Or are they 5 pages in? This is a quick way to tell how well they are set up and how serious they are about Real Estate and handling your assets.

  2. Full Time, Part Time, Causal, or Team

    It’s also important to ask your potential Relator “How much time a week do you spend working as a Relator?”. A Real Estate agent that “squeezes” you in between another job, kids, friends, sporting matches, a long list of other hobbies, and their daily life, may not be the best fit for you and your schedule. Not to say Real Estate agents don’t have lives and families, but a Real Estate Agent that works full-time as a Relator will be able to help you and accommodate your schedule much better.
    Real Estate Teams are a great service too! You have a group of people working together to make your dream happen! If something were to come up and your agent isn’t able to make it, don’t worry because someone on their team will. Real Estate Teams also typically have a full-time marketing person or agency to ensure your home is marketed properly, effectively, and professionally.

  3. Do You Have Some References to Back That Up?

    Real Estate agents should have many references. Try and look for an agent that either has some listed on their website or has some video testimonials! You really have to like someone to go on camera for them and give them a good referral. So that’s always an amazing sign!!
    Check This is a website that ranks and compares top Real Estate agents in a given area!
    Check their Google and Facebook reviews too!!

  4. How Many Clients Are You Servicing Right Now? What’s Your “Normal” Average of Clients Being Managed at the Same Time?

    Real Estate Agents are human. Just like everyone else in every day life, people can get overwhelmed. And in the home buying/selling process, you do not want to be put on the back burner. So again, choosing a Real Estate Team can be one of the greatest choices for you! Instead of one person doing EVERYTHING themselves, they now have an assistant to finish paperwork, a marketer, a photographer, a client care specialist, and more Relators for backup!! This takes off hours of work from a Relators plate and a lot of stress. So that they can focus on the things most important, you! You can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the best and most efficient services!

  5. Local Knowledge & Expertise

    How well do you know the area? What’s the best place to get lunch around here? What a great park near here? What’s a good idea for a date night here to show my partner?
    A couple small qualifying questions for how well someone knows the area never hurt! If they can tell you good spots they like and spots you might to, chances are their local knowledge is pretty good! Ask them how long they have been in the area, and how long they have been doing Real Estate in this area. They will be better able to steer you in the right direction for your home buying process!

  6. What’s you Marketing Strategy for My Home?

    Again, before asking this check their social media, website, current listings, and you will get the answer you need. Doesn’t hurt to see what they may offer you though just by asking the question. In today’s day and age, it’s also great to ask if they will do a virtual tour. If they already have a photographer that does that, all the better! You know it is going to be professionally done.

  7. How Can We Communicate?

    Ask your Relator how you can communicate with them! If they say something like only by email, and only between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, chances are, they might not be working so hard for you. If you have a Relator that is very flexible and always ready to help, they will be working for you.

  8. What Makes You Different Than Other Agents?

    This question is a great one to ask. You will find out things about their personality based on if they say things like “well…. I’m just the best….” Or if they can state actual benefits to working with them.

  9. Meet a Couple Different Agents

    Meet with a couple agents and compare them. Ask them the questions above and see what one sits the best with you!

  10. Connections

    Make sure the agent you choose you have a connection with. As cheesy as it sounds, you want to work with someone that you will enjoy your time together during this process. Working with someone who you don’t necessarily personally like can take away the fun from the whole home buying/selling process!


Picking the right agent needs to be a mix of your best local expert, and someone you would call your friend. Make sure you take the time to select one you like. Also ensure you look into Real Estate Teams to maximize the efficiency of your service.

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June 22, 2021

How to be a Winning Buyer in a Multi Offer Home Sale!


Today we are seeing that supply is not meeting demand in the marketplace. In other words, there are not enough houses for sale and too many buyers! Therefore, we are seeing a lot of homes that are getting multiple offers. Here is how to get into the home of your dreams when facing a multiple offer situation! 




1. Get Pre-Approved, Not Qualified, Approved!

Pre-qualified and pre-approved are two different things. As homes get listed in the British Colombia they sell very quickly. To get approved after seeing your perfect home, may be too late. So before starting your home search, find out what you are approved for and work within your budget. This also is a very desirable factor when starting negotiations! If you’re competing against someone who is pre-qualified and you’re pre-approved, the seller is more likely to go with your offer because they can be more confident that the sale will compete with other offers. 


2. Enlist the Help of Your Expert Real Estate Team

Working with an expert Real Estate Team (yes team, not agent) is the best way to go! A team has more than one agent always looking for your perfect home. If one agent is tied up, someone else on their team will be available for you. Your expert Real Estate Team has ample hands to help with your process the whole way, and as quickly as possible.


3. Be Available to View Properties and React Quickly!

Just as quick as properties are being listed, they are selling with multiple offers. So be available to see listings as they show up and potentially make an offer later that day or week! And remember, your Expert Real Estate Team is here to make the process as quick and efficient as possible, so you get your dream house. As scary as it may be to move quickly, they have your back and will make it happen in your best interest.



When Making the Offer


1. Have Fewer Contingencies

When you are in a situation with multiple offers, strive to have the least contingencies possible, while still protecting yourself. This will help make your offer the most desirable in the bunch. Those with many contingencies typically offer a “risk” to the seller. So, they are less likely to accept such risk when there was someone with less risk. Often, a seller will accept an offer with fewer contingencies over one with a higher dollar value but more contingencies.


2. Work with the Sellers

Take the time to understand what the sellers’ plans are with moving. If you can adapt to their needs as closely or as much as possible, the chances of your offer being accepted are much greater. Allowing the seller to select a closing date can be a strong note to make in your offer to make it more valuable to them.


3. Make a Large Deposit

A buyer must provide an acceptable purchase deposit. The larger the value, the more serious and interested in the purchase of the home you will convey, leaning the offer in your favour. Make sure you make a deposit that is generous but that you are comfortable with!


4. Make a Strong Offer

DO NOT LOWBALL, in a multiple offer situation. You will be very quickly shot out of the deal! You want to put your best foot forward in a multiple offer situation to give yourself the best shot at winning the deal. Make a reasonable offer and be flexible with contingencies. If you need more clarity on strong offers and what flexible contingencies you may need to have, ask your Expert Real Estate Team.


5. ASK!

There is no obligation of a seller agent to disclose what offers are on the table, but you can ask questions such as “What has the seller turned down?”, “What might make the offer more desirable?” Etc. You may or may not get an answer, but it does not hurt to ask!


We understand how scary and threatening multiple offer deals are and feel. But do not fret, having the right help and support through the process with some strong leadership will be a huge help and relief to you. Keep in mind that you will likely not get every house you put an offer in on, but keep your chin up and keep trying your time will come! 

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June 11, 2021

8 DIY Small Home Projects That Take 30 mins or Less!


Ever have that itch that you want a little home project, but not a massive one? Or are you a procrastinator and have a long list of big things to do that just feels unattainable? Well whichever one you are, here is your sign to do something small to satisfy that little itch, or an easy completion project to make you feel good and motivated to take on more of your list! 


Here are a couple easy DIY’s that will make your space feel even more like home, and give you that satisfaction of completing a project! 



Oh yeah. Do it. Trust me, you will feel a million times better by finally completing the task probably at the very bottom of your tedious things to do!
Take the time to pull everything, yes EVERYTHING, out and sort it by quantity, category, most used, however it works for you. Toss anything expired or if not expired and just no longer enjoyed (and un-opened) donate to your local food bank! Taking the time to organize your pantry saves your mental sanity and your wallet. Once you know what you have, you won’t double purchase things and just keep trying to stuff them in.
If you really want to go all out, get some nice jars and labels for your most common items and spices. This will give it a lovely aesthetic and make you feel good! However, it then may take over 30 min.


Before and After Pantry Organization-2 - Stylish Petite



Yes another dreadful one…. But again, you will feel like a million bucks! Get ride of all your old rags by either selling them or donating them! Fold or hang everything nicely and develop a system and flow that works nicely for you! All those wired little things that you don’t know what to do with put in nice baskets or decorative boxes. Maybe even consider putting in a closet organizer! Whatever works and suits you.



 Fashionable Reach-In Closet: Before & After - California Closets




Over time outdoor paint can, well, let's just say loose its lustre. Especially a high contact point like your front door. Why not mix things us and give it a fresh coat of paint or paint it a whole new colour? Mix things up! But always keep in mind your overall curb appeal. Stay away from bright and unusual colours like bright pink.


How to paint a front door without removing it - Three Coats of Charm



Door knobs, kitchen knobs, bathroom knobs, closets, whatever! Change them up, why not right? Knobs alone can really change the look of a hole space! Just make sure they all match and there is a constant theme across the house. 


How to Update a Dated Home Without Remodeling – Welsh Design Studio


I know you read that and you had “that” lamp came to mind. Don’t swap the lamp though, just the shade! The base can be painted or re-vamped, but the shad can change the rooms dynamic yet again. Look to a more modern shade with sharper features and more minimalism so it does not take away from the room, but complements it. 


Lamp Makeover & Framed Wall-Mount TV Finishing Details - Addicted 2  Decorating®



Let's be real. You don’t need a whole new furniture set… maybe just a fresh coat of paint! Go look for some pin-spo-ration and see what cheap DIY’s can re-vamp your whole homes style! For some wood furniture, maybe just get some stain match pens to fill in those scrapes. You can make a $25 piece of furniture look like a $200 piece of furniture with a little paint/stain and some elbow grease. 



Dresser Makeover - Before & After (A Dark Stained Dresser Painted Blue) -  Addicted 2 Decorating®


To start, start by decluttering a bit. Find a way to style shelves so they are pretty and functional. Again, I suggest looking for some pin-spo-ration on this one. But it will change they dynamic and look of the room big time! Add some dynamic to them too, books, photos, plants, statement pieces can all look great when paired properly on shelves. The goal is style and functionality! 


Before and After: A Chic Bookshelf Makeover - House of Funk



Another simple way to change the space up a bit! You might discover something you like much better than what you currently have. Or you might find that perfect piece now hat your on the hunt. Find something that works with your style and colours and remember not to crowd walls too much. It can make the room seem smaller which is bad for resale value and staging your home. 



decor – myhomemyart

As small and maybe tedious as some may sound, you will love yourself for doing them after. It’s a lot of the little things that make a big difference in your everyday living! 

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May 14, 2021

3 Ways to Feel Confident Selling in a Hot Market



Many people are choosing to take advantage of the current sizzling seller’s market by listing their property for sale and capitalizing on the higher offers that can be generated in a multiple offer situation. When you’re thinking about selling your home, it often prompts the age-old debate of whether it’s better to sell your home first or purchase your next dream home ahead of time.  
With the Comox Valley real estate market as hot as it is, it can be intimidating to sell your home first because you’re concerned about what will happen on the buying side of the equation, if you’re not able to find another home within a compatible timeframe of your existing property closing. The last thing you want is to have to settle for a house that you’re not thrilled about or be left scrambling to find somewhere else to stay in between moves. 
Help ease your mind by considering the following three options, so you can feel more confident about selling your home ahead of time during a hot market. 
Utilize a 90 Day Completion 

One of the easiest ways to bide yourself some time is to let buyers know you prefer a longer completion date. For example, a typical closing date falls within the range of 45-60 days - but you can advise that a 90-day completion is more favorable. This essentially gives you an additional month to find a new property you love and doesn’t really cause any red flags for interested buyers. 
Include a Suitable Property Contingency 

There’s a contingency condition you can include when you list your home which advises potential buyers that their accepted offer on your property will be subject to you finding a suitable property within a specified time period. This helps reduce your anxiety and stress by avoiding a forced sale or legal repercussions. That being said, it should be noted that this can also reduce the number of interested buyers if they’re not able to wait for you to find another home.  
Suggest a Property Rent Back 

A third option for you is to suggest the idea to rent back the property until you find a new home. This effectively allows you to stay in your home for a negotiated amount of time, so you have an extended timeline to properly search for a great property. If the buyer is an investor, they may be completely happy with this arrangement, as it means they basically have an instant tenant without having to put in the time, effort, and money to find a renter right away. 
At the end of the day, you don’t want to be rushed or settling for real estate that’s only mediocre. You want to love your new house and be excited about the move! To discuss the above options further, and to determine your best approach for listing your Comox Valley home, connect with the Bryce Hansen Team today at 250.702.6493 or 

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April 30, 2021

What to Expect When Listing Your Comox Valley Home



Many people don’t realize that listing your home for sale is not quite as simple as putting a for sale sign on your front lawn. There are several steps in the process, and if your circumstances allow, it can be a great idea to begin the undertaking a few months before you actually want your home to hit the Comox Valley real estate market. Here are some of the top things you can expect to do when considering listing your home for sale. 


Look for a Qualified Real Estate Professional 

Having a qualified real estate professional will make the entire process of selling your home much easier for you. Choose a trusted agent with in-depth local knowledge and a commitment to helping you achieve your unique real estate goals. You’ll want someone who is dedicated and driven to providing exceptional customer value, communicates well, and can confidently answer your questions. Your real estate professional will help walk you through the additional steps below. 


Prepare Your Property 

The current condition of your home will determine how much prep work is involved with getting your property ready to hit the Comox Valley market. You’ll want to focus on what will help add value to your home, so you can get a good return on your investment (ROI). According to the 2021 RE/MAX Renovation Investment Report, 59% of Canadians said they always consider the ROI that a renovation will have on their home’s overall market value. With that in mind, and depending on the renovation budget you have to work with, the top three home renovations that pay off on resale are 1) updating your kitchen, 2) overhauling your bathroom, and 3) adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls. 


Determine Your Listing Price 

Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. There are a multitude of factors that determine the asking price of your home. A residential specialist has the tools necessary to compute the fair market value of your house quickly and accurately while allowing for personal considerations. Based upon the current real estate market and comparable properties that have recently sold in your area, your REALTOR® will help you consider a list price for your home. The listing price is simply an amount that lets potential buyers know what you’re looking to receive; they can choose to offer you less, or best case scenario, offer you more!  


Understand the Offer Process 

Your real estate sales representative will present you with any offers received for your home. From there, you have a few options; you can choose to accept the offer as is, you can counter back to negotiate the details, or you can decline the offer altogether. Your agent will help you work through the process and the terms of each offer, but ultimately, the decision is yours when considering what is best for you and your family.  


This is just the tip of the iceberg for what to expect when listing your home, so it’s important to have support along the way. A qualified real estate professional's goals should be the same as yours; to get you the most amount of money possible, to sell your home as quickly as you can, and to make selling your home a pleasant and profitable experience for you. When you want to list your Comox Valley home for sale, the Bryce Hansen Team is ready to help – connect with us today! 

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April 27, 2021

New Courtenay Listing 797B Park Place

Be sure to check out this new listing located in the heart of Downtown Courtenay. This Rancher style, wheelchair-friendly, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is a perfect home for retirees or a first-time homebuyer. This immaculately duplex is located within walking distance of the driftwood mall, Rialto theatre, and many other local amenities. This home is located within a 10-minute drive to CFB Comox, downtown Comox, Cumberland, and 2 minutes to the inland island highway. 


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April 15, 2021

The Difference Between Fixed and Variable Mortgages



If you’re not familiar with the mortgage industry (don’t sweat it, many people aren’t), then you likely won’t know the details of how a fixed mortgage differs from a variable mortgage - and that’s okay, because today we’re going to help unpack what each of these mortgage loan options mean to you.  


This is actually one of the financial industry’s most frequently asked questions from clients: What are the key differences between a fixed and variable mortgage? There are a few main features to consider to make sure you’re choosing the best mortgage product for YOUR individual real estate needs. Let's take a look at each option below. 



The main difference between the rates of fixed loans versus variable loans is that a fixed rate mortgage has a set interest rate and predetermined payments for the duration of your term, regardless of what’s going on in the economy and with the ever changing rates. With that being the case, fixed rates typically equate to less risk, as you generally know what to expect.  


As well, each of your mortgage payments get put towards paying off the principal loan amount and the interest combined. How this works is that although your monthly payment remains the same, the percentage of each payment that gets applied to the principal amount and the interest owing varies as you pay down your mortgage. In the earlier years of a fixed rate mortgage, more of the monthly payment is allotted to interest, so don’t feel frustrated if you feel you’re not making a dent in the balance of the loan in years 1, 2 and 3. 


Clear as mud, right? Think of it this way: the loan amount and the interest amount actually have an inverse relationship; the interest you pay each month will slowly decrease as the principal loan gets paid down. 



Variable interest rate mortgages correspond with the bank's prime rate; meaning the mortgage rate will change when the Bank of Canada modifies the overnight lending rate. So what causes the Bank of Canada to revise the rate? Well, it's shaped by the cost of borrowing for the major financial institutions in Canada. 


The way this works is that banks take the overnight lending rate and then adjusts a percentage to it; this amount is set by each individual bank, which ultimately determines your variable interest rate. This is the reason why your monthly mortgage payment could fluctuate over the term of your mortgage, depending on what’s happening with the prime rate from the central bank and what’s happening within the economy. Historically, variable interest rate mortgages have been lower than fixed rates, but many unique factors need to be considered. 



When choosing the best mortgage for your Comox Valley home, it will come down to personal and economic variables. Your tolerance to risk, your budget, your plan for how long you’ll stay in the home and current interest rates, among other things, all play a role in your decision. 


Having experienced these unprecedented times over the last year, it's important that you discuss fixed versus variable mortgage rates with a professional mortgage broker. If you have any questions, email or call 250.702.6493  I’d be happy to connect you with professionals in the Courtenay area lending industry, and beyond, who best suit your unique needs. 

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April 5, 2021

5 Tips to Get Your Comox Valley Home Ready to List



There is usually a long list of tasks you could tackle to get your home ready for the Comox Valley spring real estate market, so let’s explore five in particular that should be at the top of your list of priorities since they can help you get the most bang for your buck.


When you take some additional time to focus on the following five tips prior to listing your property, it can improve your chances of maximizing your return on investment - and the overall revenue from the sale of your home.



A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform the space. Traditionally, using a neutral paint colour throughout your home allows the potential buyer to envision themselves living there, without the distraction of any wild colours or bold patterned accent walls they feel they’ll need to revise. If painting the entire home isn’t an option, focus on freshening up your larger main spaces, like the living room or kitchen, so those key areas appeal to a broader spectrum of preferences.



If you have the means of investing in a small renovation, focus on your bathroom and kitchen. If the new homeowner feels like they don’t have to take on an expensive remodeling project for either of these main spaces in the home, it can make all the difference in their interest of bringing forward an offer. For the bathroom, switching to a more modern vanity or light fixture could do the trick to update the feel, while in the kitchen simply painting the existing cabinets could bring the overall look back into the 21st century.



You may be surprised to learn that swapping out older cupboard handles can deliver a great wow factor during showings of your home. More modern hardware (especially when paired with painting the cabinets, as mentioned above) can bring new life to your kitchen storage spaces and provide a fresh perspective.



Making sure everything in your home works the way it’s supposed to helps eliminate any red flags for a potential buyer. If your roof is leaking, your furnace is old, or the appliances are at the end of their life cycle, consider having these bigger ticket items taken care of ahead of time, so it doesn’t deter a strong offer from being submitted. Test the functionality of smaller items too, such as sticking door locks, loose hinges, and faulty faucets.



Now that you’ve conquered the inside of your home, you can bring your attention to the outside. It’s crucial to make a great first impression as the potential new homeowner pulls up to the property. Take the time to mow the lawn, tend to the garden, and make the porch look inviting. Some potted plants with bright flowers, a small sitting area (if space allows), or even a fun welcome mat can give that “welcome home” feeling that makes them fall in love right from the beginning.


If you’d like to learn more about getting your home ready for us to list it together, turn to your Comox Valley real estate professionals; The Bryce Hansen Team.

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March 18, 2021

106-2525 Fitzgerald Ave- NEW LISTING

106-2525 Fitzgerald Ave

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