It’s always interesting to see what kind of interior design trends are being predicted for the coming year. With people spending more time at home these days, it gives the perfect opportunity to tackle those home updates you may have been putting off.


It also offers a great chance to get your home ready for the Comox Valley real estate market if you’ve been considering listing your house for sale in the spring. Sprucing up your home by adding some modern design trends could give you a competitive advantage and help your home sell faster, and for more profit. Whether you’re looking for trendy living tips or preparing your home for sale, here are some of the top up and coming design trends for 2021 that have been forecasted by HGTV.


Multi-Functional Spaces

Many of us had to re-think our interior space this year; whether it was having more people at home at the same time, or needing to have a makeshift work-from-home office all of sudden. Most of the theory behind multi-functional spaces comes down getting creative with storage solutions. Baskets, hanging bins, and various kinds of boards (white boards, cork boards, peg boards, etc.) offer smart solutions to storing items and having them organized in a few easy to access areas within the room.


Earthy Tones

HGTV noted that one of the overarching themes for 2021 is a return to nature and earthy inspiration. This extends into warm, comforting tones around your home; colours like wine reds, golden yellows, and sagey greens. These colours are especially relaxing when inspiring a cozy bedtime retreat.


Plenty of Plants

Sticking with the nature theme, incorporating indoor house plants help to freshen the air in your home – and brighten your mood too! You don’t have to get fancy when creating more green space in your Courtenay home; plants that are easy to care for is the way to go. If you want to add more flare, put the plants in decorative pots to enhance your décor.


Hidden Hardware

Clean lines and minimalist details are becoming increasingly popular, particularly within your kitchen. Rather than having bulky, protruding hardware, trend-setters are opting for push-style latches, integrated handles with an easy to access bevelled edge, and stylish cut-out cabinet pulls.


Walls on the Wild Side

While it’s typically suggested to stick to neutrals in terms of wall colours when you’re looking to sell your Comox Valley home, one of the up and coming trends is adding textured, bold, or unusual finishes to your walls. Floral wallpaper, textured wall covering techniques, and living walls with plants and growing greenery are all the rage.


Even if you’re waiting until the spring to list your home for sale, now is the time to chat with a REALTOR® so they can help you get everything aligned over the winter months to be ready to go when the time comes. Reach out to the Bryce Hansen Team today at 250.702.6493 or to learn more about preparing your Courtenay area home for sale in the spring real estate market.