Do you want to make sure you are getting top dollar for the sale of your home? Or maybe you are looking to buy a home that needs little to no work and will have a fantastic return on investment as it! Here are a couple of things to look for when upgrading or buying a home today! 


#1 Curb Appeal 

 You have probably heard this one before, but we will repeat it. Curb appeal really matters! Spending a little bit of extra cheddar on your landscaping can go a long way to get top dollar for your home. Be sure to invest in some beautiful perennials, and be sure to weed the garden before the photographer is arranged to come! 


#2 Energy Efficiency 

 Being on Vancouver Island in the beautiful Comox Valley, we are blessed with the weather we get throughout the year. As a result, we require minimal heating and cooling compared to many of our neighbouring provinces. However, when we do need heating and A/C, is it best when it is efficient. Replace your baseboard heaters with a high-efficiency central air system that heats and cools. It goes a long way when buying and selling! 


#3 Local Food & Beverage Amenities 

Yes, that's right, the local scene will affect the value of your home! Do you live near dive bars or five stars? It can affect the value of your home based on the judgement of what kind of neighbourhood it's in.


#4 Internet Access

Since the global pandemic in 2020, this factor has become more critical than ever before. People need to have access to 24/7 high-speed internet. So, what kind of internet setup can be crucial to some buyers. 


#5 Home Office Space

Internet and home office space goes a bit hand in hand. With the crazy new demand for home office spaces, don't be afraid to stage a spare room as a home office to show potential buyers the opportunity to see its functionality in your area. 


#6 Schools 

 Did you know parents are willing to spend larger than the budgeted amount to ensure their children will be in a good area or the required area for top schools? This alone can be a huge seller's advantage and buyer's advantage in the future for their investment. 


#7 Water Front or Walking Distance 

As we get closer to the water, the more a value of a home increases. In the Comox Valley, we are surrounded by beautiful beaches and lakes, allowing for many options when buying and selling. 


#8 Community & Culture 

Living close to sports centers, the downtown, parks, community centers, etc., can significantly affect the price! Community matters and what communities offer are essential to people in a community. So, the culture will make a massive difference in the value of the communities you are starting your home search in. 

#9 Weeds

Weeds can significantly decrease the value of your home. In short, the more work someone else has to do when moving in, the less valuable your home is. On the other hand, spending an afternoon weeding before the photographer comes can add a lot of value to your house quickly. 


#10 Unpleasant History & Crime

Bad history such as murders, robberies, and hauntings can put a buyer off purchasing. A high amount of crime in a neighbourhood can too. 


#11 Security Systems 

Due to #10, security systems add lots of value to your home! Whether you are on a pleasant side of town or not-so-friendly side of town, buyers always appreciate feeling safe in their new home, and sellers can have the peace of mind that someone is willing to pay more for a security system. 


#12 Nuisance Neighbours 

 Yes, your noisy, messy, loud neighbours can significantly affect the value of your home, especially during a showing. 


#13 Air & Noise Pollution 

Busy streets, railways, and airports can add noise and unwanted air pollution, lowering your home's value. 


#14 Improvements Without Permission 

"Improvements" made to the property without the town's permission can actually be hindering instead of helping! Make sure sellers; you are getting permits and all the documentation in doing so to add value to your home. No paperwork = a lot less money. Buyers, make sure to ask for the paperwork before you end up on the line for the previous owner's neglect. 


#15 Niche Improvements 

 Niche improvements such as a gothic theme, or a superman cave, or a 70's throwback, can significantly affect the sale of a home and its asking price! Therefore, it is essential to stay current with home trends and ensure you are styling your home so that others will find it attractive when buying and that you love. 


#16 Structural or Water Damage 

Cracks, leaks and any other structural damage on a property can put buyers off from buying.


#17 Poor Property Maintenance and Clutter 

Ever heard someone decides whether they like you or not in the first 10 seconds of meeting you? It's the same with a house and takes about 10 seconds for someone to decide whether they like the look of your home. If it is dirty, full of mess, has bad smells, has too many personal items, and is poorly maintained, it can very quickly put a buyer off. 


#18 Demographics 

 The types of buyers currently in or interested in a neighbourhood can affect the selling price. 


#19 Street Trees 

 Let's be honest; we all love a nicely landscaped neighbourhood with lovely trees. It definitely helps with neighbourhood appeal. 


#20 Public Transport & Bike Access 

 Public transport can be a significant determining factor in house purchase. So can the ability to ride a bike around town. 



#21 Storage Space

Storage is huge. Being able to store things efficiently can be a huge selling point in a home. Pay the extra little bit for closet organizers, pantry organization, laundry room shelves, and the home's value will go way up! If you can't visually see how a storage space can be organized, hire a professional organizer! They will get the job done right! Or Pinterest, because who doesn't love a good DIY. 




There are many more factors that can affect the value of your home. But don't stress!!! Each buyer is different, and something on this list that may matter a lot to you may not to someone else! During your homeownership time, it is crucial to understand how to preserve and grow your home value, but don't go overboard. Not everything on this list matters to everyone. Pick five that you can make a change in and make it happen before listing your home. The value-added will be beyond worth it!