With summer coming to a close, it’s time to prepare for another season of change, Fall!

Fall is a great season to sell real estate as you can strategically stage your home to make it attractive to buyers. Here are 4 design trends to incorporate into your home for this Fall:


1.   Natural Light

As the days are starting to get shorter, it’s important to welcome natural lighting into your space so that it doesn’t feel gloomy. Pull back the blinds, add mirrors to reflect light, and add opaque curtains. Natural light makes the space feel much airier and open which is crucial for selling.

2.   Natural Hues

Incorporate earthy, neutral tones such as tan, cream, and other muted colors to create a warm, cozy vibe. Vibrant colors you can save for accent tones or artwork. If you’re trying to sell, you want to give the illusion of warmth and comfort as we’re heading into the cooler months.

3.   Fall Décor

As mentioned, the goal is to make your property cozy and inviting, so adding little touches like a new area rug, a textured throw blanket, seasonal scents, or accentuating the fireplace are all great ways to give your home some flare.

4.   Minimalism

A decluttered, clean look is the way to go! Seasonal décor is great but less is more. Make sure you give your chimney a sweep through as the fire place can be a major selling point. Also ensure you clean up the leaves so that your front yard looks appealing and well kept.


There we have it! Families are back from summer vacation and kids are back to school which makes the perfect time to create some Autumn appeal for your home.