With a new year comes new design trends! Understated elegance is trending and we are here for it. Read our list of design predictions for 2023!


1. The return of color – Bold and moody color schemes are making a comeback! Gone are the days of everything white and bright or grey. Shades of brown have been dominating décor!

2. Closed floor plans – Open concept has been the way to go for a very long time. Now you will see people preferring divided rooms as they’re working from home more. A separated kitchen, a closed off living area and more closed concept spaces have become the norm.

3. Statement lighting – Lighting has become a whole mood! A fun powder room light fixture, layered lighting, as well as oversized lighting will serve as a focal point for design.

4. 1970’s influences – A mix of old and new add character to a home! Gallery walls, funky kitchen décor, earthy color palettes, bold patterns, thrifted gems, and natural textures have become the forefront for 2023 homes.

5. Arches and curves – You’ll see design moving away from straight lines, sharp corners and edges, and squares to curved stairwells and rounded furniture.

What are your predictions for 2023? Let us know in the comments!