It’s that time of year! People are getting ready to list their homes, which means, open houses! Open houses help bring potential buyers onto a property. Here are five tips to help get you ready:

1. Hire a realtor to help stage your home – the visual appearance of a home is very important and you want the home to look its best. A realtor will help navigate the process and secure the real estate transaction.


2. Enhance curb appeal – cut the grass, prune the trees, and adjust any other outdoor spaces. This will be the buyers first impression when they pull up to the house!

3. Clear the premises – as the owner, you don’t want to be present when your house is showing. As well, remove any pets from the home in case the buyers have allergies or don’t like the odor of animals. Let the buyer have their space when they come view the home!

4. Clean and eliminate personal belongings – the home should be kept in tip top shape and depersonalized. I.e. family photos, awards, and any other personal information should be hidden as it can be distracting for the buyer.

5. Promote the open house – let people hear about the open house! Add it to the online listing, post signs, and add balloons so that the word gets out.