When it comes to tackling DIY projects within your home, there are some basic tools you can keep on hand to help speed up the process. But with so many options being available to you, how do you know which tools are actually practical to invest in, and which tools will be used once only to sit around after and collect dust?


The majority of simple household repairs can typically be taken care of with a collection of good quality tools that will stand up to standard home maintenance. Here’s a list of the basic tools you can gather that is a great place to start when building your own toolbox:


Measuring Tools

You know the old saying, “measure twice, cut once” – well, it never hurts to measure even three times! Having the proper measuring tools is imperative to the task going smoothly. A measuring tape, a carpenter’s square, and a level should cover the fundamentals for your measurement needs. These tools will come in extra handy for any projects involving hanging photos and décor as well as cutting and building plans.



Get a set of varying-tipped screwdrivers because, despite common belief, you’ll need more than just the traditional flat head or Phillips head screwdrivers, since square screws and star screws are common too. You don’t want to end up stripping your screws because you don’t have the right tool for the job.



For this category, you’re in luck! The bulk of repair jobs around your home which require a hammer will likely be satisfied with a standard claw hammer. Tackle many DIY projects with your trusty hammer; hanging a family photo collage, creating decorative signs, or building your very own shelving and furniture.



You should be able to get away with having a basic set of needle-nose pliers and channel-lock pliers in your tool collection. Needle-nose pliers let you bend, shape, and cut smaller items (like wire), and allow you to reach into tight spaces. While channel-lock pliers are better for gripping and pinching or opening a stubborn connection.


Wrenches & Sockets

This toolset is best used when you’ve encountered a chore with bolts involved. For example, swapping out your winter and summer tires. Most wrenches are sold in a corresponding set with the varying sized sockets included, so this makes the purchase quick and easy.


When it comes to more heavy-duty tools, likes miter saws or power washers, consider how often they’ll be used, their financial investment, and the efficiencies related to prior to purchase. If you suspect it may be a one-time tool project, you may be better off borrowing from a friend or neighbor – or even renting them from your favorite Courtenay hardware store.


Set yourself up for a safe and successful project. Having some safety gear is a must; considering picking up some utility gloves, safety glasses, and even some steel-toed boots, depending on the project at hand. 


If you’re crossing these tasks off your to-do list because you’re looking to get your house on the Comox Valley real estate market, get in touch with me today and we’ll the process started together.