In today’s day and age, there is a lot of us who are working from home, and not all of us are fortunate enough to have a new room to dedicate to an office space. Here are some tips to make your any-space a decent home office space! 


  1. Lighting

    Lighting is really important in a home office space. For more reasons than one. It can greatly affect your mood and attitude in your working environment, it can affect how productive you are, how much people trust you and how “professional” it makes you look on a zoom call, etc. There is a lot that light alone can affect! So if you are in a dark space, get on Amazon and buy a ring or studio light to go behind your laptop or desktop so customers and employers can see you better! Get some night lighting for around you as well! Or if you do have natural light, make sure you are facing it. It will improve your mood and light up your work meeting! Literally!!!

  2. Commit To Your Space

    Don’t move office spaces every day. Pick one, make it functional, have an easy setup/tear down (if needed). Committing to your space ensures proper lighting, proper working routine (mentally and physically), comfortable seating, etc. It is better for your mental well-being to be in a similar “working” spot daily.

  3. Declutter & Re-organize

    Yes that’s right, you’ve probably thought it, but here is your sign to ACTUALLY do it! Get rid of all that sh*t you don’t need. All those silly papers you’ve been holding onto. All those stray pens put them in a decorative cup. Tape all your cords down. Etc, etc, etc. You will feel so much better, and your day will be so much more productive!

  4. Check What Your Background Looks Like

    Those dirty wine glasses and the bowl of dog food behind you takes away from your professionalism in team meetings or when dealing with clients. Make sure what’s behind you is not a big bright window (because people won’t be able to see you), and that it is nicely staged! Pinterest can be your absolute best friend when looking at home office staging. Get some pin-spo-ration for your home office space today!

  5. Set Up Your Space… for You!

    When we all used to work at offices, our meetings and workspaces were always set up with the client primarily in mind. Now you have the chance to cater it to you! Set up some scented candles or some aromatherapy, to create an enjoyable workspace for yourself! Have your soda stream nearby with your favourite flavouring, and your favourite coffee pre-ground and ready to go! Get a piece of art you don’t mind staring at behind your computer all day and invest in a comfortable chair! Get some mood-lifting greengage nearby, you do you and build your happiest home office space. 


The moral of the story, make our space comfortable, functional, and personal! Have fun with it and enjoy making a space your own with no one to tell you what you can and can’t do! Only what you should do!