There aren’t too many people in this world who genuinely enjoy viewing homes in single-digit temperatures. But here are a couple of reasons why you should learn to love checking out houses in the cold! 

There is a Lot Less Competition

 There are not many who like to check out homes in the winter. Believe it or not, in the months of May to August makeup 40% of all home sales in a year! So 1/4 of the year makes up for 40% of the market! Additionally, January to February only consists of 6% of total annual sales! So there are fewer buyers to compete with, making it a great time to buy, especially if you are not an all-cash, zero condition buyer! 


Motivated Sellers 

Usually, when someone lists their home in the winter, there is a bit of a driving force. So they are likely working with a timeline. When making your offer, keep it in mind, and if you can, try and accommodate the sellers' timeline to guarantee them picking your offer. 

If a home is on the market for a long time, talk to your Realtor about maybe giving a lower offer! 


Detective Work 

Typically, winter is the most stressful time of year on a home's “weaknesses.” You’ll be able to feel the drafts, not-so-insulated walls, and possible leak locations! You’ll be able to judge how well a furnace works, baseboard heaters or their central air. Signs of a warm home with no fireplace on is always a good thing! 


Movers Aren't as Busy

Finding movers for your date is a whole lot easier because they are not as busy! 


Last-Minute Tax Savings 

Depending on timing, first-time homebuyers can usually save a couple of extra bucks off their potential tax deductions! 


Faster Closing 

During busy months, mortgage brokers re usually backup a bit. So you may have a faster closing in the winter months when they aren’t as busy!


You’ll be in that new place in no time, and it will seem stressless and as seamless as never before!