The first day of spring is officially on March 20th this year, so it’s the perfect time to get your garden ready for those bulbs, blooms, and blossoms. One of the best things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your Comox Valley home is to maintain a great garden and enhance your landscaping. Here are six tips to prepare your home garden, so you’re good to go this spring.


Inspect Your Inventory

First off, begin your garden prep by inspecting what you have to work with. Depending on how this past winter affected your garden, you’ll want to take a quick inventory of what’s left. Are there perennials that need to be replaced? How many annuals will you need to fill the empty spaces? Are you considering flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, or a mixture of each? Make sure you’re choosing plants that coincide with your garden’s growing conditions.


Prune Back Your Branches

Do you have some shrub branches that grew out of control last year? Now’s the time to prune them back for a fresh start prior to the greenery and buds growing. Make sure you trim the low hanging branches to make room for new growth.


Strengthen the Soil

Now that the branches are out of the way, you have a better idea of what you’re working with in terms of the condition of your soil and what kind of weeding needs to take place. Has grass begun to grow where it shouldn’t; are there prickly plants you need to get rid of? Grab a pair of gloves and get pulling! Once your weeding is complete, invest in some nutrient-rich soil to strengthen your chances of success.


Prep Your Plants

If you started seedlings back in February, you get to reap the rewards of your efforts now by transplanting them into your garden. Otherwise, use your inventory list above to plan out which perennials and annuals you’re going to plant and nurture further this season.


Mulch It Up

After your plants have found their new home, apply a layer of mulch that's 2” - 3” deep. Mulch provides some added protection to reduce weeds from poking through as easily. Mulch also reduces the loss of moisture in the soil because it blocks out the sun and stops the water from evaporating quickly.


Wake Them Up with Water

Once your plants are plentiful in your garden, make sure they’re watered well. You’ll want to ensure there’s a water source that you can easily hook your hose up to, so you don’t need to fill up a watering can multiple times. As a bonus money saving tip, utilize a rain barrel to store water for your garden!


Just like real estate, a successful garden is all about location! If your current garden isn’t thriving, consider moving it to a place in your yard that allows at least six hours of sun daily, as that provides optimal growing conditions. And speaking of moving, if you’re considering upgrading to a Courtenay area home that offers larger landscaping opportunities, reach out to the Bryce Hansen Team today at 250.702.6493.