Minimalism is your friend when selling your home! It is so important to organize your closets and storage to make a good impression. Although these spaces may not appear to be of much importance, closets and storage can make or break a home for a buyer. Here are 8 tips to make your closets look appealing for potential buyers.


1.    Ensure the floor is cleared. Remove anything off the ground such as shoes or boxes.

2.    Brighten up the space with light fixtures or paint the walls white. You don’t want the space to look dark and uninviting.

3.    Make sure all the clothing hangers match and face the same way. Try pick something timeless like wooden hangers.

4.    Remove unnecessary items from view. Just because people are looking at your closets, doesn’t mean you need to put everything you own on display. You can strategically store them in the attic, neatly in the garage, or pack them in a suitcase.

5.    Coordinate your clothes. To go the extra mile, organize your clothing by color and into sections such as dresses, sweaters, and other categories.

6.    Pack away all your old, ragged clothing and choose your nicer looking clothing to be at the forefront. There’s no point in having stained, faded, or ripped clothing on display.

7.    Try installing an organizer system! Storage cubes, baskets, and shelving units are key in organizing any space in your home.


8.    Tuck away valuables. Hide private and confidential information so they’re not in view such as passports, important documents, or cash.




One of the biggest “must-haves” for buyers is a home with lots of storage. You want to create the illusion that your home has tons of space and help them envision themselves in it. Even if your home has all the space in the world, if you don’t stage it properly, it can make potential buyers think otherwise.

Make your organized closets a reason to buy your home! By following these tips, you will be sure to impress your buyers.