With winter upon us, it does not mean the fun needs to stop or even slow! So here is a list of must-do winter activities in The Comox Valley for this year! 


Fat Bike

No, you did not hear or read that weird… They are bikes with fat tires on them so that you can bike through the snow! How fun, right? You can give it a try this winter too, up at Mount Washington! 


Ice Skating

 Although we do not get weather cold enough to freeze a rink out here, the arena does! 


Shred the Gnar

Ski or snowboard up at Mount Washington. 


Day on The Town

Spend a day shopping downtown Courtenay and make sure to stop at Hot Chocolates to get Hot Chocolate, of course! 



Strap on the snowshoes and take it where the snow falls! 


Rent Sleds

Not toboggan sleds, snowmobiles! It’s a fun day out in the snow and feeds that adrenaline junkie side to you! 



No one is ever too old for tobogganing, especially if it becomes beer-bogganing! Make it a fun day with friends out in the woods! 


Cross Country Skiing 

There are so many unique places to explore in the woods with a set of skis! So go and do it! Rain or shine! 



Go for a day of tubbing! It does not matter how old you are to enjoy a day of tubing! 


Ice Fishing

Head up to some mountain lakes for a day of ice fishing! Make sure to pack your warm woollies and bear spray. 


Indoor Farmers Market 

It’s all year round and a whole lot of wholesome! Check it out on a rainy day! 


Winter Beach Fire

Pro Tip: if you face the mainland, you may be lucky enough to see northern lights at certain times of the year! 


Winter Scuba Dive

Did you know the visibility is the best in the wintertime? So it’s the best time of year to dive! All those critters that generally need to go deeper to stay cooler are more out and about to see! 


Year-Round Golf

Yup, here in the Valley, we have year-round golf! So go for a game on a nice sunny day to soak up some vitamin D! 


Heli to the Glacier 

Go check out those peaks from a different perspective! It is well worth it! 



Spend the season outside and enjoy all the Comox Valley has to offer. Remember always to bring protection against the wild creatures stirring about and respect nature itself. Please clean up after yourself and try not to do any more damage than we already have!