In short, the answer is yes. Brand new developments are popping up all over the Comox Valley. Buying a new house is serious business and there are misconceptions that new homes are flawless in comparison to older builds.


A professional home inspection is a third-party evaluation that covers everything from the foundation, plumbing, electrical, fire safety, or anything else in the home that appears to be at risk.


When purchasing an older house, it is a no brainer to obtain an inspection. But why should one bother to order a home inspection if everything is built from scratch?


Here are 4 benefits to getting a home inspection for a new home:



1.   Discover any hidden issues in the home


Newer homes might not possess the same problems as older homes such as hidden mold, failing heat systems, faulty foundation, and more. However, problems can still occur. Inspections in a new home can detect leaks, electrical wiring issues, grade sloping, insulation defects, and much more.  



2.   Contractors can work too fast on the job

More instances than not, contractors are working for speed and at a price, which can unfortunately mean working for the bare minimum and not following code. It is common for contractors to be working on a variety of projects and rushing from job site to job site. They’re also human and humans can make mistakes. The benefit of the inspection can ensure that nothing was overlooked in the building process.



3.   A new home has never been lived in


If you are moving into a new build, chances are you will be the first one to live in the home. But with that, you are the guinea pig that will be testing it out. For example, analyzing how the home holds out during a storm or how severe the wear and tear will be.



4.   New builds are in new development areas


In many cases, new homes are built in a new area where there is lots of construction. Contractors can be working on multiple homes for months at a time and therefore, overworked which can result in overlooking different areas of the job.


The bottom line is to never assume that your new build was built perfectly. Yes, inspections can be costly but new homes can have problems too! It doesn’t hurt to assess to make sure it is up to expected standards as at the end of the day, nothing is more important than living in a safe environment.