The holidays are just around the corner and although they may look a little different this year, never fear; there are still ways you can safely host your holiday events in the Comox Valley. Traditions can continue, even if there are some conscious modifications to be made. Here are some helpful hints to cheerfully deck your halls and get prepared for the upcoming festivities:



Holiday hosting for 2020 is all about your personal comfort level. If you’d like to see friendly faces, but cannot open up your home to guests, consider a virtual party! This online option allows everyone to hang out in the comfort of their own home and still catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives. Share in the holiday spirit with one of the many popular platforms such as Zoom or Skype. There’s also a plethora of fun game apps you can all download on your phones ahead of time and play together within your favorite virtual meeting platforms.



If you do opt to host a party in person, how fantastic would it be to have your family or friends bundle up outside and gather together to literally roast chestnuts on an open fire - or toast marshmallows for classic smores. Depending on the weather, you could even put a winter Olympics spin on things and offer silly prizes for a variety of activities; like the most creative jump into the leaf pile or throwing a snowball closest to the target. 



Limit the possibility of cross-contamination from snack sharing by creating individual appetizers that are easy to grab and carry around. For example, offering festively decorated cupcakes, rather than a slab cake or you could place some dip in the bottom of a small paper cup and add some sliced carrot and celery sticks – this helps avoid the controversial double-dipping and decreases the likelihood of guests touching the same food.



It’s always entertaining when there’s a theme involved that unites guests and gives them a chance to get creative. One of the most traditional holiday themes is an “ugly sweater” party, where everyone wears the ugliest festive sweater they can find – or make! It’s a great way to kick off the countdown to the holidays.



As a host, you need be aware about your guests consuming too much alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. The Canadian Safety Council recommends that party hosts monitor and supervise the service and consumption of alcohol. If partaking in some “spiked” holiday beverages is on the docket, have the number of a cab company handy, or download an app like Uber, so you can ensure your guests get home safely. 


Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure you’re following our provincial guidelines for COVID-19 while you plan for a safe and happy holiday hosting experience. 


Do you have room to prep your snacks, dance to your favorite holiday music, and give guests some space to spread out? If your current home feels a little cramped to celebrate the holidays, there’s still time to find the perfect Courtenay or surrounding area home if you reach out to me today!