When buying or selling a home it is crucial that you pick an agent that is right for you! You are going to be dealing with this person up close and personal for a couple weeks to a couple months and entrusting them with likely - your greatest financial asset. 


Here are a couple tips to consider to help you pick your best Real Estate Agent! 


  1. Time & Skin in The Game

    Questions such as how long have you been a Real Estate Agent? Why did you pick to become a Real Estate Agent? How do you like being a Real Estate Agent? What is the best and worst thing about your job?
    Questions like these give you information on who your Real Estate agent really is and what their attitude and values are like. I’m sure to some natural conversation will come up in between and you will truly start to see if they are the right fit for you and vice versa.
    To see how serious they are about Real Estate check out their social media, website, and Google them. Does it look like they handle their social media and website themselves? Or does it look professional and like they have put some money behind it? When you Google them, are they on the first page or a top search result? Or are they 5 pages in? This is a quick way to tell how well they are set up and how serious they are about Real Estate and handling your assets.

  2. Full Time, Part Time, Causal, or Team

    It’s also important to ask your potential Relator “How much time a week do you spend working as a Relator?”. A Real Estate agent that “squeezes” you in between another job, kids, friends, sporting matches, a long list of other hobbies, and their daily life, may not be the best fit for you and your schedule. Not to say Real Estate agents don’t have lives and families, but a Real Estate Agent that works full-time as a Relator will be able to help you and accommodate your schedule much better.
    Real Estate Teams are a great service too! You have a group of people working together to make your dream happen! If something were to come up and your agent isn’t able to make it, don’t worry because someone on their team will. Real Estate Teams also typically have a full-time marketing person or agency to ensure your home is marketed properly, effectively, and professionally.

  3. Do You Have Some References to Back That Up?

    Real Estate agents should have many references. Try and look for an agent that either has some listed on their website or has some video testimonials! You really have to like someone to go on camera for them and give them a good referral. So that’s always an amazing sign!!
    Check rankmyagent.com. This is a website that ranks and compares top Real Estate agents in a given area!
    Check their Google and Facebook reviews too!!

  4. How Many Clients Are You Servicing Right Now? What’s Your “Normal” Average of Clients Being Managed at the Same Time?

    Real Estate Agents are human. Just like everyone else in every day life, people can get overwhelmed. And in the home buying/selling process, you do not want to be put on the back burner. So again, choosing a Real Estate Team can be one of the greatest choices for you! Instead of one person doing EVERYTHING themselves, they now have an assistant to finish paperwork, a marketer, a photographer, a client care specialist, and more Relators for backup!! This takes off hours of work from a Relators plate and a lot of stress. So that they can focus on the things most important, you! You can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the best and most efficient services!

  5. Local Knowledge & Expertise

    How well do you know the area? What’s the best place to get lunch around here? What a great park near here? What’s a good idea for a date night here to show my partner?
    A couple small qualifying questions for how well someone knows the area never hurt! If they can tell you good spots they like and spots you might to, chances are their local knowledge is pretty good! Ask them how long they have been in the area, and how long they have been doing Real Estate in this area. They will be better able to steer you in the right direction for your home buying process!

  6. What’s you Marketing Strategy for My Home?

    Again, before asking this check their social media, website, current listings, and you will get the answer you need. Doesn’t hurt to see what they may offer you though just by asking the question. In today’s day and age, it’s also great to ask if they will do a virtual tour. If they already have a photographer that does that, all the better! You know it is going to be professionally done.

  7. How Can We Communicate?

    Ask your Relator how you can communicate with them! If they say something like only by email, and only between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, chances are, they might not be working so hard for you. If you have a Relator that is very flexible and always ready to help, they will be working for you.

  8. What Makes You Different Than Other Agents?

    This question is a great one to ask. You will find out things about their personality based on if they say things like “well…. I’m just the best….” Or if they can state actual benefits to working with them.

  9. Meet a Couple Different Agents

    Meet with a couple agents and compare them. Ask them the questions above and see what one sits the best with you!

  10. Connections

    Make sure the agent you choose you have a connection with. As cheesy as it sounds, you want to work with someone that you will enjoy your time together during this process. Working with someone who you don’t necessarily personally like can take away the fun from the whole home buying/selling process!


Picking the right agent needs to be a mix of your best local expert, and someone you would call your friend. Make sure you take the time to select one you like. Also ensure you look into Real Estate Teams to maximize the efficiency of your service.