When selling your home, you want it to look the absolute best and the most attractive to potential buyers. 

Home Staging is a method of interior design to highlight your home and its most impressive features. 

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Staging Stats Report:

  • 77% say that staged homes make it easier for buyers to visualize themselves owning the home. 
  • 21% report staging increases the home’s value by 6%-10% 
  • 39% report it dramatically decreases the amount of time a house sits on the market for.


To maximize the benefits of home staging, check out the tips below! 


De-Personalize the Space

This is number one for a reason. Takedown family pictures, dad’s old hockey jersey, dance trophies off the shelves, posters in your teenagers’ room etc. When your home is full of your personal collectibles and items, it can make it harder for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. 

 Keep clothes tucked away neatly and out of sight. People do check closets so ensure they are clean, but feel free to cram stuff into dresser drawers as prospective purchasers won’t be opening those!

 Clear off ALL personal items from bathroom shelves. ALL OF IT. 

 Remove items of “hot discussion topic” from your home. Controversial items falling into categories such as religion, politics, hunting etc., can sometimes turn off prospective buyers. We want the home to feel neutral and allow people to envision their own lives there.

Staging does make the home feel a bit empty and odd to live in, but it really helps for a quick and efficient sale of a home! 


Get Rid of All Clutter

 Clutter takes away from the space in your home, and space is what sells! One of the main goals of staging is to make your home look bigger and more spacious. So cut items back to just the very basics. Remember, you are not getting rid of these things forever; you’re just packing them up prematurely to get more value for your home! 

Front Closet: empty out all off-season clothes and garments. De-clutter the shoes, the dog leashes, the sports gear, whatever is in there! People will likely be opening closets to check for storage space. If yours is empty and makes it look like there is lots of space. If it’s jammed full, they will likely not even bother taking the time to look and will quickly start to lose interest. 

Decor: keep a couple of small key feature pieces that are minimalistic. The rest should be stashed. Too much decor can make a space seem smaller than it is, so the more that can be packed up, the better. 

Office Spaces: PACK UP ALL THE PAPER. Any clutter and visible office supplies. In today’s day and age, the home office has become more critical than ever before. It is crucial that your home office looks beautiful and spacious to satisfy work-from-home professionals.

Kitchen & Bathroom: Absolutely everything off any surface spaces! There should ideally be nothing but a bathroom soap dispenser, that is it! 

Kids & Pet Stuff: Pack up as much as you can. Non-pet owners and people without or who do not want children are very quickly deterred from homes with kids and pets because it is harder for them to envision living there. People with kids and pets always see that opportunity, but it is a deterrent the other way around. So, to really open up for your potential buyers stash as much stuff as you can. 

All in all, less stuff = more space = more money! 



 If it’s broken, fix it, if it needs patching, patch and paint it. The more work someone must do on your home walking into it, the more the value of the home decreases. Simple fixes and repairs can make the world of difference to your overall home value. When people see these simple fixes being neglected, they often wonder what else has been overlooked, and it strikes fear and distrust. 


Keep It As Natural As Possible! 

Think about painting over any bright coloured walls with something more natural. Sometimes, buyers find them unappealing or distracting. Additionally, very bright or very dark colours can be intimidating, often giving the perception of having to hire and pay for a professional to colour correct them. 


Curb Appeal… Yes… It’s Still a Thing, and It Still Matters. 

You have probably already heard it before, and you will again… curb appeal matters…. a lot! Make sure to take down all seasonal decor and de-clutter the gardens and yard. Take the time to weed and maybe put in some fresh mulch! It will make the yard look 100x better and significantly increase the chances of selling quicker. --Also, think about applying a fresh coat of paint to the front and garage door if they are looking older and out of date. Power washing concrete and house siding is another great way to make your house picture perfect! 


Fresh Greengage 

A little bit of fresh greengage can go a long way! Make sure not to pollute areas with greengage. A little plant here and there while keeping them off windowsills goes a long way! 

Make sure to use different lights to add some complexity to the room. Fresh flowers that won’t take away too much from the room to can always be an excellent idea! They go perfectly in either the living room or dining room.



The more lights, the better! The more natural light, even better!! Open all curtains and shades. Think about painting dark rooms a lighter tone so more light can come in and bounce off the walls! If you have anything obstructing light from coming into your home that you have control over and can fix, try and do so! Rearrange outdoor furniture so they aren’t blocking windows, clean the windows if they are stopping light, whatever it may be. 


Rearrange Furniture 

 The goal is to make the place look huge, even if it is tiny. The more walkable space in a room, the better. Focus on removing extraneous, damaged, and unmatched furniture away into storage and rearranging the rest to flow nicely.



Clean like never before. Everything should be spotless, and all odours should be removed, carpets professionally (or rent a machine to DIY) cleaned, windows cleaned, decks power washed, EVERYTHING. This is crucial to selling your home. If it’s dirty, people will just turn around and walk out. 


Prepping the sale of your home can be hard work. But your hard work will pay off with a big fat check! So hop to it!