With more people spending time indoors these days, it’s been necessary to rethink the space in your Comox Valley home. It’s becoming increasingly popular to utilize those awkward parts of your house, like the nook under your stairs, the corners of large rooms, and even converting spare rooms - all for the benefit of upping your home’s functionality to meet the shifting needs of you and your family.

Ultimately, the first step to transforming any space into something more purposeful is to declutter the area to remove items that aren’t necessary. Once you’ve taken care of the cluttered chaos, think about what kind of storage solutions make the most sense to effectively streamline your real estate. It really depends on what you’ll be converting the space into. Below are some ideas to get you started.


The Organized Home Office

As more companies are allowing a work from home option, having an organized work space is key for successful productivity. Would the corner of your living room provide a nice set up if you added a small table, a comfortable chair, and a few stackable baskets to house office supplies and documents? Or if you know you’ll require a room with a door you can close for privacy during phone calls, perhaps in your spare bedroom you can install a simple desk surface that drops down from the wall, while still easily being fastened out of the way if you have guests staying over. If the closet space allows for it, you can even turn that area into an office as well, which can be conveniently tucked away behind closed doors when needed.


The Fun Hangout for Kids

Having a dedicated place for your kids to hang out can make all the difference while you’re trying to balance your own virtual meetings with helping them stay on top of their assigned homework. Crafting a fun area utilizing the space under your stairs could be an option or maybe a portion of the basement is available for conversion as well. With the ever-changing needs of online learning, a small craft table that doubles as a workstation is a great addition to your little ones’ new space. Add some big comfy throw pillows and a few shelves – this can even be used as a quiet place for them to study for their schoolwork.


The Appealing Home Gym

Let’s face it, working out isn’t something that everyone loves doing! But if you set up the space in a way that’s inviting and appealing, you might get more home workouts in! Does your basement have a utility room, or maybe an area that’s too small to be a bedroom, so it’s become a dumping ground for extra storage? Move some boxes aside and keep your home gym simple with a devoted zone where you can have a small collection of weights, a jump rope, and a mat that’s easy to roll up and tuck out of the way.


If you’ve realized that your current Courtenay area home just doesn’t have the space you need to make things work, reach out to me at 250.702.6493 or bryce@brycehansenteam.com and we can discuss your options for upgrading into a house that better suits your family moving forward.