Many people believe it’s not a good idea to make a move during the winter season, but there are actually some great perks to holding off your move to Courtenay or the surrounding area until the colder temperatures set in. Let’s explore some of the advantages, along with a few top tips to help your winter move be the most manageable.




You May Save Money

With less homebuyers eager to move in the winter months, you’ll face reduced competition in the Comox Valley housing market, and therefore it’s less likely you’ll be facing a multiple offer situation when you find your dream home. Generally winter listings average a longer number of days on the market, which may provide you the ability to be more reasonable with your offer price, rather than the price being over-inflated due to aggressive real estate rivalry.


Greater Flexibility for Moving Companies

Since the winter season is traditionally viewed as somewhat of an “off season” for moving companies, you are much more likely to have the luxury of choice and flexibility in terms of your moving day and time. If the move has to be rescheduled because of bad weather, it’s easier to book an immediate alternative because moving companies typically don’t have a jam-packed calendar during the winter months. In addition, some moving companies may even offer a reduced off-season rate; ensure you receive an accurate and up-to-date quote prior to committing to your moving company of choice.




Clear the Way

Arrive ahead of time to make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear in front of your new home. The last thing you need are people slipping and sliding while they’re lugging heavy furniture and boxes. Arm yourself with a snow shovel, road salt, and warm winter apparel so you’re ready to tackle the task of clearing the way for everyone to have a safe and smooth moving experience.


Protect Your Flooring

Lay down some inexpensive plastic tarps, carpet runners or cardboard to keep your floors from getting damaged with all the foot traffic and outdoor elements that will be tracked throughout the house. If necessary, you can also use painters’ tape to keep the coverings secured to the floor to avoid tripping hazards.


Turn Off the Heat

While the house will likely be freezing cold, it’s rather pointless to have all the heat escape through doors that will be opening all day long, so save yourself the money on heating costs. Consider adding a small space heater in the bathroom to at least have a warm safe haven for those brief pit stops you and your helpers are bound to need.


Insulate & Double Pack Delicates

Fragile items and electronics are more susceptible to damage when it’s cold, so make sure you take further care to properly pack these costly – and in some cases, irreplaceable – objects. Contemplate on whether you may want to keep heirlooms within your own possession for the move, so you can be extra mindful of their delicacy. 


Now that you know your move doesn’t have to wait until spring when the Comox Valley real estate market heats up, let’s chat about finding you a new space to call home and ensure your winter move is as seamless as possible. Email me at or call my direct line at 250.702.6493 to get moving!