Spring weather will be here before we know it – what a breath of fresh air to think about! And as the season turns, there are really only two main areas to consider when planning your spring home maintenance; the interior of your home and the exterior of your home. 


But let’s get real; as a homeowner, you know it’s not quite as simple as that though, is it? Both of these areas encompass a variety of recommended tasks that should be completed to help manage the overall maintenance of your Comox Valley home. Get yourself organized with these top spring maintenance tips!


Inspect the Interior of Your Home

The best way to begin your interior inspection is to do a thorough spring cleaning. Yes, a lot of people dread this part of the season, but it’s important to be able to properly see what you’re examining. For example, it’s pretty hard to check out your plumbing if the pipes have cobwebs hanging off them! This is your time to shine – or at least to make your house shine. Conquer those forgotten chores, like your dusting your baseboards, behind your washer and dryer, and those tough to reach areas that you often overlook.


Once your house is spic and span, the interior investigation can commence. You’ll want to review spaces such as your attic and basement – especially to notice if there’s any moisture, drafts or temperature changes in any part of these areas, as this could mean you’re in need of repairs or extra insulation. You’ll also want to check items like your air conditioner, water tank, and plumbing for any leaks or cracks. We recommend taking a notepad or clipboard through the house with you, marking down tasks you notice during your full inspection.


Examine the Exterior of Your Home

When it comes to examining your home’s exterior, there are eight key zones you’ll want to keep a close eye on; 1) chimney/vents, 2) roof, 3) gutters, 4) siding, 5) walls, 6) foundation, 7) windows, and 8) doors. Getting a comprehensive analysis of these items will provide you with a good picture of how well your home is holding up to the outdoor Canadian elements. Aside from the physical attributes of your home, it’s also a good idea to scan your lawn, deck, patio furniture, and barbeque in case any issues have popped up during the winter.


You may want to call in the professionals to give your home a once-over as well, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything that their trained eye may pick up on. When it comes to the critical inner and outer workings of your property, you can never be too careful!


Now that your home is in tip top shape, it may have the wheels turning in your mind about what your house is worth on the Courtenay area real estate market. I’m happy to help you answer that question; contact me today for a free Comparative Market Analysis, where I’ll help you determine a listing price range to capitalize on the fair market value in your neighbourhood.