The big day is finally here, congrats!

Moving is inevitable at one point or another and can be extremely overwhelming. Taking some necessary steps will make the transition to your new home much more enjoyable. Here are some tips to make your move a smooth one!


1.    Start Early

Do not leave moving to the last minute. Start earlier than you would think so that you don’t stress yourself out when it comes to moving day.

2.    Determine your strategy

Are you using professional movers? Are you renting a U-haul? Are you doing it yourself with friends and family? Moving is a big job and isn’t something you can do alone. Be sure to hire somebody right away or recruit the help you need.

3.    Reuse boxes

What are you planning on putting your belongings in? Prior to your move, grab a few boxes the next time you’re at the grocery store and any other moving supplies you may need.

4.    Labelling your moving boxes

Labelling all your boxes will save you later on when you’re trying to find something specific. Try to label them all the same way. Taking photos also helps, especially when it comes to electronics so you can remember how things were put together before.

5.    Prepare your moving day bag

This one is super important. On the day of your move, make sure to put aside the essentials you need i.e. toiletry bag, garbage bags, change of clothes etc.

6.    Purge + declutter

Purging and organizing will make your move a lot easier. There’s no sense in bringing anything that you don’t need anymore. Determine if you’re going to sell, donate, or take any of your belongings to the landfill.

7.    Give yourself time

We’ll say it time and time again. Last minute things always come up when you’re moving so make sure you give yourself lots of time. You can think you’ve prepared yourself but there are always things that can come up.

8.    Stay hydrated and eat

It’s so easy to engross yourself in moving that you forget to take short breaks and eat snacks. Moving is very physical so it can take a lot out of you!

9.    Unloading process

It’s very important to supervise the unloading process. You don’t want to be rummaging through your new house trying to find certain things. Make sure you know where your important documents and valuables are going.

10.  Book the new house set up

Don’t forget to set up your Internet, TV, and other utilities so that when moving day comes, this is all ready to go!


Happy moving!