Are you thinking about buying or selling? Yay! How exciting! Here are 11 reasons to have an experienced Realtor to help you through your home buying or selling process!


  1. MLS & The Who You Know GOLDMINE

    Having access to MLS is huge. MLS is the first place everyone goes for their home search, making it crucial for your listing to be on it and stand out.  However, actually having the “Know Who” is another powerful tool. Real Estate Agents are well connected and help each other help you. Between the two powerful searches (both internal & external) that your Realtor does for you, there is no doubt your home will be sold, or your dream home will be found in no time.

  2. Are You a Wiz in the Marketing BIZ?

    Realtors have access to professional marketing to advertise you're home properly and efficiently to get the job done, without you having to spend money to market it yourself. Realtors have literally everything set up from social media, websites, Google Ads, etc to make sure your home is literally EVERYWHERE! Often, realtors may refuse to show homes that are “For Sale by Owner”, due to the fact they know they are not dealing with a professional on the other end to make the process as easy for their client as possible. If you are looking to be taken seriously by buyer's agents, not miss key steps in the process, and not be at risk of a lawsuit, use a realtor.

  3. Pricing Bullseye

    Do you know what goes into pricing a home? A lot more than a dollar amount that you want to see, and someone is willing to pay. Factors such as; what neighbourhood you live in, what direction your backyard (or windows if in a condo) face, views from your home, nearby amenities, waterfront or near, railroad or airport nearby, quality of nearby schools, home size and unusable vs. useable space, age of home, condition of the home, recent interior and exterior upgrades, the local market, economic indicators, etc etc. The list goes on and on…. Your realtor knows how to price your home based on all of the above and much more to ensure a quick and efficient sale, while still ensuring you receive top dollar for your initial investment.

  4. Above Average Professional Negotiations

    Do you think you can handle going up to the negotiation table against a realtor? Likely not. Realtors are extremely skilled in negotiations to ensure their client(s) are more than satisfied. To ensure you are getting what you want from a deal, make sure to communicate with your realtor exactly what you are looking for, willing to pay, and of course, what you are willing to bend on. Remember, lots can be negotiated in the sale of a home, so never be afraid to ask what might be able to be included or disclosed from a sale. You will likely be surprised.

  5. Objective Info & Opinions

    Sometimes, an outside perspective can be extremely beneficial.

  6. Up-To-Date Experience

    Your realtor knows exactly what is happening in the market, the community, and the status of the deals all the time! They make sure you are not chasing homes that are already off the market, over budget, or not in your best interest. They are held to a high standard of ethics and performance set out RECBC (Real Estate Council of British Columbia), with no room for error. Your experienced realtor will provide you with all the up-to-date experience to make the sale or your home or purchase of your home painless and efficient.

  7. Be Your Emotional Rock

    Home buying and selling can be stressful. But it does not have to be, and in reality, it shouldn’t be. Home buying and selling is extremely exciting! It is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make with the potential for a huge return. However, somewhere in the mix of home buying and selling, people can get emotional. And that is because of the unknown. The unknown of how to do this paperwork you have never done, or don’t understand or are unfamiliar with, or if your offer will be accepted, or what you’ll get approved for, etc. Whoa horse! Stop right there. Realtors do that stuff every, single, day. We work in your absolute best interest and will help you through every single step. We turn the confusion, into a phone call with answers to provide relief. We take the scary stuff and turn it into you smiling when getting your keys to your home on move-in day. We understand the emotion behind buying a home and are here to support you through all you might be feeling.

  8. Fair, Ethical Treatment

    Each and every person receives the same treatment. Period. It doesn’t matter if you are a seller or a buyer, you are seen and treated the same. We are here to help you get into your dream home and smoothly and efficiently as possible. And that’s all there is to it.

  9. Local Knowledge

    There is no one that knows what’s up in a community as a realtor! They know everyone, know the business owners, know the locals, know the very best restaurants and schools, know what events are happening when etc. If you talk to your realtor about your life, what you like, what’s important to you and/or your family, they will make it a priority to bring you to homes in an area that is best suited to you.

  10. Legal Protection!!

    There is A LOT of paperwork involved in buying a home. Lots of processes, lots of paper, lots of coordinating. Do you truly understand it all? Do you understand where you stand legally? Do you understand what you are legally able to ask for when buying a home? Do you understand what legal processes to take if and when things go south from doing it yourself? Realtors do! They know what to look for, how to combat it, and always make sure it’s done in your very best interest.

  11. Expert Guidance Through the Process

    As mentioned and listed everywhere above, one point to sum it all up is expert guidance. From legalities, local knowledge, contracts, negotiation, marketing, pricing, levelling emotions, and a friend to help you find exactly what you want, where you want, to build your perfect future.




Make sure you pick a realtor you like and will get the job done to your standard. The most experienced (and successful) realtors will have a Real Estate Team who are all working to get you exactly what you need as efficiently as possible. They will have multiple agents so you can pick who you want to work with the most, while still having the benefit of the whole team supporting you for maximum success.