When looking through real estate, you’ll often see the term “luxury home” pop up. Many people assume a luxury home is categorized by the price of it, however, there are many important factors as to what describes a luxury home. A luxury home typically takes longer to build as there is a lot that goes behind the scenes to design it, build it, and give it that ‘lux’ feel.


Aspects of a luxury home:

Prime Location – You can have the most beautiful home but if the location isn’t in a luxury setting, you lose the luxurious feel. Where you live has an impact on your quality of life. A luxury home will be in a desirable neighbourhood, have lots of privacy, and be located in a quieter community.

Views – A luxury home will have a spectacular view of some kind. This could be a view of vineyards, lakes, mountains, or on the waterfront.

Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the most important spaces as it is the heart of the home. A luxury home will typically have a high-end kitchen that’s a custom build, equipped with top of the line appliances, upscale finishes, walk in pantries, large fridges, and more to give it that lavish feel.

Amenities – A luxury home is equipped with all sorts of amenities. Anything from movie theatres, an outdoor kitchen, tennis court, swimming pool, wine cellar, home gym, and other ways for entertaining their guests. Amenities give a home that “it” factor.

High end quality – Of course you want a home to aesthetically look nice, but it’s just as important that the functionality is high end as well. A luxury home owner wants the best of the best and will use a qualified designer and contractor using premium building materials and high-end appliances for that professional finish.

Square footage – Size matters. More space allows for more unique designs and one a of kind features. A luxury home will typically have a bigger floor plan as it increases the property’s value. Other characteristics are a grand staircase, large entrance, multiple garages, high ceilings, and spacious rooms.


Everybody has a different perspective of what a luxury home looks like and although it can be defined differently, it all comes down to functionality, quality, and aesthetic.